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Just because I'm a practitioner within the Church of Religious Science (founded by Ernest Homes) it doesn't mean that I'm a tree-hugger, liberal! Some of us in the New Thought movement still beleive that while we are trying to change the energy of this planet - WE STILL HAVE TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET !!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Hugh Hewitt 10/16/04 - Why vote for Bush & what's wrong with Kerry?

Limiting verbosity – good move Hugh !

It can’t be said often enough – The war on terror should be the ONLY ISSUE on which we choose the President of the United States in 2004. The war on terror outweighs any rhetoric bandied about regarding economic, social or judicial issues. We must vote for the man who will actually protect this country!

George Bush believes, and has backed it up with action and conviction, that we should LEAD the war on terror! The undeniable fact is that we live in the POST 9/11 world where the United Nations has proven itself corrupt and totally unable to do anything but posture and pose. We have no choice but to be out front in the fight against the Islamic Fascist-Bomber-Murderer-Haters. The message sent by liberating Iraq, that we can and will take decisive action, has already changed the Middle East. By liberating one country we have lessened the likelihood of another "country" sponsoring the terrorists. We are safer.

John Kerry has no intention of defending us against terror. He believes we should FOLLOW the lead of the corrupt, anti-American, United Nations. He won’t do "whatever it takes" to protect us or make the difficult choices of a man who loves this country. Simply put, Kerry is a pacifying-isolationist who wants to be "liked" around the world. This view, loved by the terrorists, will make expose his soft underbelly and us more vulnerable to attack.

If not the U.S.A., who? and if not now, when?


  • At October 18, 2004 at 9:03 PM, Blogger josh narins said…

    There are allegations about corruption in the Oil-for-Food program, most of which comes from the same exact source that lied about the WMD in the first place, Ahmed Chalabi.

    What do you call Bush's trying to BRIBE Turkey with billions of dollars, if not corruption?

    I would ask you, since I consider it the most important issue, what rules can you come up with, for supporting a war, or what grounds do you think a person should have for starting one.

    I know that in the War of American Independence, and the War of 1812, the sons of the richest, most powerful people were on the front lines. If those who have everything to lose are willing to risk their own children, it probably is OK for the rest of us to go along, even if we don't know all the details.

    I should get back to reading the Duelfer Report, agh!


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