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Just because I'm a practitioner within the Church of Religious Science (founded by Ernest Homes) it doesn't mean that I'm a tree-hugger, liberal! Some of us in the New Thought movement still beleive that while we are trying to change the energy of this planet - WE STILL HAVE TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET !!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Islamic Evil, Schoolyard Bullies

I'm constantly surprised by people who fail to understand that, at the most basic level, the world is dealing with evil playground bullies. A world-wide movement full of bullies. The ones that hit you because it makes them feel better and don’t care if you cry, don’t care if you bleed, and don’t care if they get caught hurting you. The bullies that laughingly take their punishment from the school principal. The kind of bullies that scare their teachers because they don’t appear to have any feelings about the harm they are causing others or the punishment that they are receiving. These bullies are willing to spit in the face of all authority figures and come back for more punishment rather than change their behavior.

But here's the part that Liberals really don’t understand - bullies surround themselves with weaker individuals - people they can push around and force to do their dirty work. The Islamic Fundamentalists have created schools dedicated to turning out both meaner bullies, who can think of the worst kinds of torment and torture for the "rest of the world", and weak-minded simps who will gladly do their bidding.

Many schoolyard bullies, as they get older, end up dead or in jail ... because in a truly progressive society, a system of laws, checks and balances, keep evil from winning. In the current world order, however, there are very few checks and hardly any balances. Too many countries and their people are deluded into believing that if you just "wish" people to be good they won't hurt you. Moreover, as much as I truly believe humans are one-people and one mind all connected by a supreme being (often called God), I know that there is evil manifesting itself in this world! Even though I am a person of faith, I have the ability to recognize that this Islamic Fundamentalist belief system has become cancerous and must be eradicated.

Bottom line … there are only two ways to deal with a bully … run faster than they can or hit harder. Since we only live on one planet running isn’t an option. That leaves standing, fighting back and hitting harder. I thank God for George Bush and his administration. I believe they were ordained to be in this place at this time, leading the cause against the Islamic Bullies.


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