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Just because I'm a practitioner within the Church of Religious Science (founded by Ernest Homes) it doesn't mean that I'm a tree-hugger, liberal! Some of us in the New Thought movement still beleive that while we are trying to change the energy of this planet - WE STILL HAVE TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET !!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Left Wing Blog Efforts

My last posting elicited one comment ... from an obvious left wing operative. I went to Hugh Hewitt's site and the Vox Blogoli IV: Why Vote For Bush & What's Wrong With Kerry area to see if this individual had commented to others -- WOW had he ever. He was in dozens of other blog Comment sections.

My friend was impressed that anyone had commented on my little BLOG. I was amused noting that this individual thought to persuade me and others to his point of view with a lame argument against George Bush's politics.

I'm not posting his name because it's insignificant. I'm just saying that this is the best the Left can do against the massive onslaught of insightful, thoughtful and educated bloggers. Now, I'm not including myself in this compliment, I'm just a little voice in the wilderness -- but I like getting the word out!


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