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Just because I'm a practitioner within the Church of Religious Science (founded by Ernest Homes) it doesn't mean that I'm a tree-hugger, liberal! Some of us in the New Thought movement still beleive that while we are trying to change the energy of this planet - WE STILL HAVE TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET !!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

My Leftie Religion v. My Conservative Politics

I wrote a lot and then lost it ... that might have been good ... too many mingled thoughts. I remember the end summary the best and it made the most sense.

... I'm willing to admit that the world changed after 9/11 and I had to change with it. I'm not blinded my church, The Church of Religious Science, which is VERY Liberal and all about feeling good. I'm not scared of America's influence in this world or the fact that former world "friends" no longer follow our lead. I'm not threatened by those who would hate me for diverging from the church's goal - which is to change the world to a place where there is no poverty, famine or lack. I want that too - but not at the expense of my liberty, freedom or faith!

I AM all about being right with my Higher Power, which I often call God. How much more right can we be than to confront evil where it lies? How much more right than to offer liberty to those who are being trod on by Islamo-Fascists? How much more right than to set up a social system that encourages individuals to be responsible for their words, actions and deeds? Is there anything more "Religious Science" than to encourage the governments of the world to empower their people to make their own lives better - Teaching vs. Fishing in this world is a must !

My answer to all of those who would have me shut my big mouth - "Most of you have never voted, won't vote in this election, and don't know what you're talking about when all you've heard is Michael Moore, ABC, NBC or CBS and the Post or Journals of this world ... Vote, get educated from a myriad of sources, give me an argument that doesn't reek of FEELINGS and THEN you can bitch at my activism!"

Spirit Bless George Bush, his Administration, the United States of America and this World !!


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